Suicide Bunny Review

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Suicide Bunny e-liquids have made their way onto a number 5 of top vapor flavors. They are rated as a terrific product, even if they are a little expensive. Suicide Bunny is a commonly seen brand name and there’s a good reason. Although it may seem like they are over-hyped by users, they have earned their place among the ranks with high quality e-liquids that deliver.
Their e-liquids are a premium blend, quality that isn’t compromised. Although many complaints come in at the price range, that seems to be the only complaint that users can come up with. If that’s the worst the internet has to say, it’s a great product. The price, as I’m sure you’re wondering comes in at $22 for a 30ml bottle. Everyone knows that’s a little steep. Most 30 ml bottles are more like $15. But, you get what you pay for with Suicide Bunny e-liquids.chewberry e-juice
These e-liquids have 5 nicotine options. They start at 0, then move up to 3 or 6, then 12 ir 18. This means you have a much wider range of nicotine levels available. Many companies don’t offer so many options, only giving the minimum selection. Unfortunately, unlike their competitors, Suicide Bunny e-liquids do not offer the ability to choose the PG/VG ratio on their e-liquids. That means you get what you get. Whether or not they will have the bark they need depends on the PG/VG level you’re looking for. Make sure to check with the product you’re looking at before the purchase.
Now, the negatives aside, Suicide Bunny e-liquids are worth the hype because of the flavor quality. They don’t even have that many flavors available, but the stock the most popular flavors on the market. The selection is limited, but, the quality is what we’re going to look at.
Particularly, Suicide Bunny has one flavor that is renowned for it’s quality. You might say it’s even a legendary flavor. This flavor is called Mother’s Milk. You may have already heard of it, or even tried it. It finds a way on to many lists, usually as one of the best e juice flavors available on the market. This is a good e-liquid if you’re just checking out the brand. It’s also delicious, like the other flavors. Suicide Bunny e-liquids are most commonly used among those with a sweet tooth. The flavors are smooth and creamy, with a hint of sugary goodness.
The bottles themselves are designed basic, but the labels are bound to catch your eye. They use pop art graphics that look like Suicide Girls, who wouldn’t love that sitting on their shelf? The bottles are glass, with rubber droppers, which means accuracy is much easier. You no longer have to worry about making a mess when you’re refilling.
Overall, Suicide Bunny e-liquids are worth the extra money you have to spend. The quality of these liquids speaks for itself, but if you’re not convinced, give Mother’s Milk a try. You’ll soon realize why there is so much talk about this brand of e-liquids.
Although, due to the low nicotine content and the throat hit, it’s not recommended for individuals who have just recently switched to e-cigarettes. But if you’re already immersed in the vaping Universe, pick up a bottle of Suicide Bunny e-liquid and give it a try for yourself.

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